The Buried Editor's Glossary of Terms

  • To Acquire - (v.) The act of accepting a manuscript for publication. A work is not officially acquired until the contracts have been signed. Until then, it's in the process of being acquired.
  • ARC - stands for Advanced Reading Copy - (n.) A bound copy of a book given to reviewers, booksellers, and other interested members of the industry for the purpose of creating excitement prior to the release of the book. Although these
    are not the final copy, they tend to be pretty damn close with cover art and some interior illustration. Although not the same thing as a galley, I tend to use the words interchangeably.
  • F&G - stands for Fold & Gather - (n.) The picture book version of a galley. They are not bound but show the picture book in all its 4 color glory. It's then sent to reviewers and the like.
  • Galley - (n.) A bound version of just the text of the book. There is little to no illustrations and the cover is a solid color with release data printed on the cover. Used for the same purposes as ARCs.
  • MS - stands for Manuscript - (n.) The typed, double-spaced in a standard font version of an author's work submitted to a publishing house.
  • PB - stands for Picture Book - (n.) A book for younger children that has sparse text and big, colorful (or occasionally black and white) pictures. Generally they have 32 pages. They are more difficult to write than most people realize,
    and despite a recent microscopic turn, the market for them has been sluggish at best for a while.
  • To Query - (v.) The act of asking very nicely in the sweetest most professional way possible if you can pretty please submit your manuscript for the publishing house to review. There are several possible ways to query, but the best
    have a query letter, a one-page summary of the novel, and the first 3 chapters.
  • To Reject - (v.) The act of not accepting a manuscript for publication. This can happen for various reasons such as: the work is not appropriate for the editor's list, the
    work has writing issues, or the editor spilled coffee on his pants that day and everything he comes in contact with now sucks. However, it is never a personal slight made by the editor to the author.
  • Slush - (n.) Unsolicited manuscripts submitted to a publishing house. They tend to accumulate into mountainous piles.