Book Proposal Contest Rules & Info

The Buried Editor's Book Proposal Contest has officially begun.

In order to enter all you have to do is send your full book proposal (and if you don't remember what all the parts are click here)to the dedicated email that I have set up for this contest:  All emails need to be received by April 18, giving you two full weeks to polish those proposals up.

Here are the complete rules:
  • All entries must be received by 11:59 PM CST April 18, 2011.
  • No attachments.  Just copy and paste your proposal into an email.  I realize this will make some long (and sometimes ugly format-wise) emails, but I that's fine for this contest.  I would not encourage that for an actual submission somewhere.
  • Only do the parts of the book proposal that are pertinent to you.  If you haven't written a series, don't write a series overview.  If you've written a picture book, send that complete manuscript instead of the first three sample chapters.
  • Entries must be a proposal for a children or teen book; however, you can enter any kind of children/teen book in any genre.  Even ones that CBAY doesn't normally consider (including non-fiction).

There will be 5 winners who will each receive a full (free) critique of their book proposal, including the sample manuscript/chapters.

General info:
  • Technically, entries are not being submitted to CBAY Books, I will not be responding to every entry, just the winners.  However, there's a chance that if I really like the book proposal that I see, I might ask you to officially submit it to the AE at CBAY Books.
  • You can enter a book proposal for manuscripts that have been previously rejected by CBAY since, like I said, this isn't technically a CBAY submission.
  • Questions? Comments? Enter them below.


The Storylady said...

Sorry - but I click on your "click here" for the parts to the proposal, and I get sent back to my blogger dashboard. Can you check your link?

Yat-Yee said...

It happened to me as well.

The Buried Editor said...

Yeah, it did it to me too. All fixed now.

Shelley said...

Can we enter more than one book proposal?

LadyJai said...

I was wondering if the Picture Book Proposal would be in the same format as a non-fiction book proposal, or should we include the potential market and marketing plans in the cover letter style format?

The Buried Editor said...

Question: multiple entries?

Answer: No, let's just do one book proposal for now.

Question: Should non-fiction and fiction book proposals be the same?

Answer: I honestly don't expect to get many non-fiction proposals, but they should be similar. In both you would want to detail out the markets and marketing ideas in separate sections instead of including them in the cover letter.