We have a winner for our contest! Congratulations to BN Lippy for her "The Book of Yet to Come." It was a very close race with both stories in the lead at various times. However, Lippy ended up receiving 55% of the votes.

Congratulations to both of you for being finalists. I look forward to reading more entries from you both.

And thank you to the 67 people who voted. That was a great turnout.


Estela said...

Congratulations, BN. And thanks for the opportunity, Madam Smoot. It was a fun contest.

B.N.Lippy said...

Thanks Madeline for giving us the opportunity to participate. Estele, thanks!

NolaGirl said...

Congrats to both you ladies for making the finals and to you B.N. Lippy for winning. It was fun - can't wait for the next one.