Rock the (Cover) Vote

Earlier this week I said that I was working feverishly on various projects to get them done before submissions started. One of those projects is the cover for the fourth in the Sacred Books Series, The Book of All Things.

I have developed various covers, one of which is my favorite, and one which is the author's. They are not the same.

So, I could now use a little help from all of you. Below you will find the top three cover options (so far). Look at the covers, click them to see them full size, and then ask yourself, "Which book is the one I would want to buy?"

After that, please vote in my cover poll below. The more input I get, the more statistically significant the outcome. So vote! Show your friends and family and have them vote!


Basic Black

Rainbow Connection
Heavy Metal


veela-valoom said...

I voted "Basic Black" and I'm going to say my reasons why. (Briefly I should say i was a graphic designer at a newspaper for awhile so I'm opinionated on design).

On Basic Black the font looks crisp and really pops. I prefer more subtle effect on the text than the "embossed" on the other two covers.

"Rainbow Connection" looks way too much like a tie-dyed T-shirt and immediately makes me think of the 60s and Grateful Dead. The text is harder to read on the multi-color background.

The "Heavy Metal" is acceptable, but does pop like the black. I also find the author's name more difficult to read with the outline.

The Storylady said...

I voted basic black as well. It was simple but drew me in. I read the first two books, but a while ago, so I was trying to remember if the third choice tied in with any actual description in the book. Is there a reason to make it look metal? The rainbow cover doesn't do anything for me. It seems like it would appeal more to tween girls. The black is more serious and skews the appeal to an older crowd.

Anonymous said...

The black (which I also voted for) looks polished, professional... and yet, mysterious. It makes me want to open the cover to unearth whatever secrets may lie within.

The other two covers? Not so much.

Kristi Valiant said...

Basic Black for sure. The silver pops on the black and the design works well. The warm gold on the cool gray doesn't quite work for me. The tie-dye one doesn't appeal at all to me.

Anonymous said...

My preferences were 1,3,2. Didn't like rainbow at all.

To me, the sash has a more romantic feel so I can imagine women responding to that favorably. Men, on the other hand, would probably respond to the challenge of the lock.

Amy said...

I also voted Basic Black--simple and effective.

Victoria Dixon said...

Well, the black cover has won hands-down so far. LOL At least according to the respondees here. That's what my hubby and I thought was the strongest cover and he's also a graphic designer. We did like the elements on the over covers, but felt the black and silver worked better as colors. Make sense? Would love to see the final poll's outcome....