Heartfelt Thank You

Last week I asked for your opinion concerning a couple of different cover options for The Book of All Things. I had hoped I would get maybe 10 responses. Much to my surprise, I had 45. Since I had never planned on making the results secret (I didn't realize the poll wouldn't show results), here is the clear winner:

With 34 votes (76%):

The other covers received 5 votes (11%) and 6 votes (13%) for the Rainbow and other cover, respectively.

So, thank you in helping us out. Also to those 7 of you who went above and beyond to post your actual comments, I'm very appreciative for the feedback.


Gaylene Wilson said...

I'm glad that was the winner. I love that cover!

Anonymous said...

Thank you also for the above-and-beyond thanks... :) I hope you and the author are satisfied with the results.

veela-valoom said...

I'm glad you appreciated the comments. It was nice to put on the graphic designer hat for awhile.