More Free Stuff

I had meant to have all sorts of posts about free stuff this week, but I've been sick. Sleep all day, only wake up to take cold medicine, kind of sick. So, I'm going to have extend my free stuff posts through next week too. Think of it as a Christmas present of freeness.

Today's free web stuff comes to us from the pretty cool website Here you can get all sorts of widgets for your site and blog, and most of them are free. As an example I made a slideshow of the Sacred Book Series covers:

You too could make a slideshow with your covers (if you have multiple books), artwork from the book (but only if you get permission) or photos from events or promotional art.

Another option is to make your very own widget for your blog/website. I made the free example below:

With this, you can put it pretty much anywhere on the web, and even better, other people can too. Of course, for a small fee you can make a much nicer looking one, but this is free. And today, we are all about the free.

There are also a bunch of other widgets to play with and customize. Browse the site and have a looksee. At the very least it will help you put off that revision you've been meaning to do.

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