Something else I've been doing

One of my goals for this year is to relaunch my personal website Madeline As you probably saw if you just clicked over, it's horrendously out of date and awfully childish. I want a more mature, adult look for the site I present to the world.

So, I'm thinking of going with something more like this.

Now that page is just a test. The links go nowhere at the moment (except for my blog), and I still haven't gotten my posted excerpts from my blog to show up. Oh, and you might have noticed that there isn't any actual information in the text block for the middle. However, it is something of visual interest to look at.

I would love to get feedback on the new look, especially if it does something wonky in your browser. Of course I've tested it in my browser at different screen resolutions, but I don't have every browser ever made. If you do comment, please let me know your browser type and screen resolution (if you know it). My stat tracker can tell me the number of people who use what, but they won't link it to an individual comment.

I appreciate any and all comments. And since I'm doing this myself, I can directly incorporate the stuff you give me to think about without having to involve a designer. -- One of the few benefits of doing everything yourself.


Amy said...

I really like the new site! Very professional and yet fun at the same time. Not sure how you are getting everything done in your life, but more power to you! :)

Anonymous said...

I really liked the site too. I hope in the books section or somewhere else that you'll include a section on recommended books to read on writing. Also, you might to post there or on your blog a little section that says what books you are reading and that you recently published for new readers. I noticed Cheryl Klein from Scholastic does this on her blog and I like it. Finally, a link to blogs like the ones you recently posted about your marketing and critiquing seminar talks would be helpful.

You started a thread about writing fantasy in September, but never got to finish it. I love and write fantasy and hope that you'll go back to it sometime soon. Thanks so much for your blog. I really enjoy it.


Creative A said...

Liked the style of your new site. It has some definite improvement over the old one - more mature, easier to navigate. I'm using Safari and didn't have any trouble loading it. The only thing that bothered me was some of the colors, especially the font colors in the sidebar - they didn't blend well and weren't as appealing as they could be. Just an opinion though. I'm very impressed that you did that all yourself!

Like your blog, will check in more often :)


Karen from Mentor said...

This has little to do with your actual post...(laughing) but I just wanted to say that little bunny kung foo killed me.

stopped in to say HI.


Karen :0)

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Great look. the electric blue really grabbed me. no trouble loading.

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