Conference Report

I have had a busy past few months. So busy, that I was unable to even pretend to try to keep up with blogging. There were book covers to design, interiors to layout, text to edit, text to have copyedited, and a NBN transition team to head. And all with only half a brain available.

(There is a horrifying rumor that my brain will never return to pre-pregnancy efficiency. I'm trying to chalk this up to urban myth told to new soon-to-be-mothers to scare them. Kind of like a hazing ritual. At least I'm hoping this is what is going on.)

And one of the other things I've been doing has been preparing for the conference held by Blooming Tree Press and the local Austin SCBWI. I spoke at two different break out sessions, one on online marketing, one on critiquing. So, like always, I'm now making the handouts from the conference available.

For the handout from the online marketing session, click here.

For the critiquing session, I haven't posted the handout. Instead I've put up the little article I wrote a few years back that the session was based on. The checklist for critiquers is at the very end of the article. To view it, click here.

And in the next few days I'll start posting some of the stuff I've been working on these last two months -- this includes excerpts from some of the upcoming books.


Anonymous said...

It's not a myth! I have two children. The brain never fully returns to its pre-baby form. I suspect this is due to an entire portion of the brain now being devoted to child safety, secretly always working in the background wondering how you can keep your curious child from maming, permanently damaging him/herself.

D. Robert Pease said...

My wife and I were married for several years before she was ever wrong when we had a disagreement about some fact. It got to the point where if she said something, and I didn't think she was right, I wouldn't argue because I knew beyond a doubt she was right. Then she got pregnant with our first child. While pregnant she was wrong constantly. We thought the baby had taken over vast portions of her brain, and just was not going to give them up. Fortunately for her (not for my newly restored ego) it only lasted during pregnancy. After she gave birth she got her brain back.

Fast forward three years, and we are sitting with some friends at lunch. My way says something about a restaurant we ate at the week before, and I say, "No, it was such and such restaurant." We went back and forth a couple of times until she realized she was wrong. Instantly we looked at each other in shock, and I said "Are you pregnant?" Our friends kind of chuckled, but sure enough, as soon as we got home she took a test. Positive.

Unfortunately, she never got her brain back after the second one. I have actually been right on at least a dozen issues in the ensuing years. So, from my experience, I am sorry to say that it isn't a myth. But maybe you'll get it back after your first, like my wife did. If so maybe you want to seriously reconsider any future plans for more. :-)

carolinestarr said...

Thanks for the handouts. It's great to be able to "participate" in a conference this way.

carmenoliver said...

Thanks for posting the conference handouts!

You do get your brain back but be prepared to live a new kind of normal. My brain is different since having kids but you adapt and be ready to let go of a few things. You're choosier about what you become involved with because you can't do it all. At least, after having kids, you can't. But it's a sweet thing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the handouts. They were so helpful, especially the one on critiquing. I plan on referring to it as I work on revising my fantasy novel. I'm glad you are blogging again. It is always so informative.


The Buried Editor said...

Sigh. I feared my brain wasn't going to return.

However, I remain optimistic . . .

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