Worst Story Line Ever

So, I hear there's a writing contest out there for the Worst Story Line Ever. I'm not running it, but I can think of several Worst Story Lines I've read over the years. But I'm not going to submit someone else's work. That would be cheating.

If you would like to wow the world with your purple prose and other examples of wretched writing, go to the GLA Worst Story Line Ever Writing Contest here.

Write on, man. Write On.


PJ Hoover said...

And speaking of purple prose, I'd love a post about more on purple prose vs. descriptive writing.

See ya!

Hissy said...

Man, all I'd have to do is whip out some of my sixth-grade English writing assignments and I'd win that thing hands-down.

Jan Markley said...

Speaking of contests ... I know you're busy reading the pitch contest submissions (because one is mine). Just wondering if you still plan to post the winning pitches. I'd be willing to have mine posted for comment, and would be curious to see the others.