A Good Home Library

I read an ALA list the other day that recommended books for parents to buy when building a "high-quality" home library. I talked about that list and my impressions of it yesterday on the BookKids blog that I manage.

Needless to say, I didn't like the ALA list much. Today, I compiled my own list here.

I limited myself to 5 books in each category and a whole bunch of other rules I mention in the post. Let me know what you think about the books. Of course, keep in mind that I'll be posting other staff members' recs as well. I think among the group we should end up with a fairly diverse list. So, I skewed a little fantastic.

If you do have a comment, feel free to leave it on the BookKids site. Don't post something inappropriate, but don't think you have to come back here to discuss stuff. The site's a regular blog just like this one. (And it might be nice if to the casual observer -- say my boss -- that it look like people are engaging with the blog. I'm just saying.)


maureen said...

That's an interresting list. I had a look at the ala list and the majority of them I had not come across.(that's ok you are in america I'm in nz...) then I read your each catagory there was only one book I had not come across.The books i knew have rave reviews the story trancends countries. I think you are right when it comes to actually read the books... I would add Hatchet to the list as well.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see your list, but the link didn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

Never mind, I found it by clicking around the links on the right.

I'm sure it was hard to limit yourself to just five. Thanks for the tips, I have some more books to check out!

Rolli said...

The titles I'd include above all are Carroll's "Alice" books, as well as "Harriet the Spy," and "The Secret Garden."