Agent Information

I'm constantly asked things like, "What agents are taking new clients?"

That's a valid question that I don't always know the answer to. After all, I only tend to talk to agents about their current clients, not clients they are hoping to someday have. And agent's are like editors -- they look for the stories that are going to move and inspire them. Nothing is more transparent than an agent trying to push a book they have no faith in.

Normally, I just refer people over to the GLA Blog, but today I found another link as well. Over on the Gottawrite Girl, she shares a lecture she attended at her local SCBWI conference given by Linda Pratt. There's information on the types of books she's interested in and how to submit.


PJ Hoover said...

My impression/guess is that almost any agent will take on a new client if they really love something.

beth said...

Love that question, PJ.

Also, just FYI: the gottawrite girl link doesn't work (missing the P in http)

Gottawrite Girl said...

I have the same thought, and heard something similar during my last SCBWI conference. An agent said that he would fight for material he loved, no matter if it was an exclusive submission or not!

Kevin said...


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