Blockbuster Releases Coming Soon

I have gone through my TLA footage, and it is lackluster at best. It seems that the lens isn't as good on this camera. It doesn't have as wide of a range. So, although I contemplated not putting anything up, there is a priceless piece of footage with me and a plunger. I will not go into more details. I'm still editing the footage, and I hope to have it up tomorrow or Friday. You would think that less footage would mean faster editing, but no. Also I'm trying new software, and it goes poorly.

But enough about TLA. BEA is just around the corner. Time to start preparing for that. At BEA I'll be participating in a marathon pitch session where authors have 3 minutes to pitch their book to me. And unlike most conferences I attend, I will not be automatically accepting for submission anything that comes my way. I will be discerning. I will be discriminating. I will be difficult. Soooo, I thought that for the next few weeks, we could concentrate on the pitching aspect of selling books. After all, a book gets pitched many times during its life. You pitch to me, I pitch to my boss, we pitch to the chains and independents, and the booksellers pitch (or handsell) the books to the end reader. And then if a reader likes it they pitch (or recommend) it to their friends.

My plan for the next few weeks are simple. I'll talk about pitches. I'll coerce other people to talk about pitches. We'll all practice different types of pitches, and this will all culminate in a pitching contest where I'll allow the winning pitches to submit their manuscripts. I know that might sound like a lame prize, but keep in mind that Blooming Tree & CBAY no longer select unsolicited submissions from anyone except agents. Except for personally meeting us at a conference, there is no other way to get your manuscripts in front of our eager little eyes. So check back Thursday when I'm going to discuss the famous "Elevator Pitch."


PJ Hoover said...

Sounds exciting! What about the dreaded bathroom pitch? Do we get to hear about that?

Wakai Writer said...

"I know that sounds like a lame prize."

Au contraire! It sounds like a fantastic prize, if you ask me. It's like a real pitch, except without the pain of face-to-face rejection. ;-p

The Buried Editor said...

Excellent suggestion P. I'll talk about all the places NOT to pitch at the end. Remind me if I forget.

And I WW, I hadn't thought about it in those terms. It is easier to be turned down (and to do the turning down) when the person isn't standing right there. That is a wonderful way to look at it.