45 Seconds of Fame

Some people get 15 minutes, but I revel in my 45 seconds of fame. This morning between 7-7:30 AM, much to early for normal humans to be awake, I was on the news talking about one of my favorite books to handsell, The Night Tourist. Since I didn't manage to get up this morning, I can't confirm that it actually aired. But I did film the segment yesterday, so I will just assume that I am now an Austin celebrity.


Stephen Griffith said...

I would love to see the piece on YouTube. Did anyone record it?

The Buried Editor said...

I tried on my DVR but a) I haven't look to see if I'm actually there, and b) I don't know how to get it on my computer. Alas, me and technology.

funnypoetrygirl said...

That's way cool!

WordWrangler said...

Wow. Just found your site thanks to great talent by the name of Lill P.

Looking forward to more of your posts!

Donna E.

Ghost Girl said...

My son will love this book. Can't wait to get it!