Ducks all in a Row

Last night I scheduled my newest spring speaking engagement. As I was adding it into my calendar today, it occurred to me that I should make my schedule public so that if I'm going to be somewhere near you, you can come visit with me. I like being able to put faces with names even if I never seem to remember either one. So without much ado:

March 15 -- San Antonio SCBWI monthly meeting
April 15-18 -- TLA in Dallas (I'm not speaking, but I will be manning our booth. Yuck.)
May 28 -- Agent/Editor Pitch Session hosted by Writer's Digest at BEA (So, this one isn't confirmed yet, but I shall cry if I don't end up getting to do this. As far as I can tell, I'm the only person even sort of excited by the prospect of 2 straight hours of having authors pitch to me for three minutes.)
May 27-31 -- BEA (I'll be in LA for BEA although we don't have a booth. However, I'll happily meet up with anyone who is going to BEA too.)

Now if you're looking at this and thinking, but I live nowhere near these places, then I have only one solution for you. You have to start your own conference and invite me to speak. I jest. But if you do know of a conference in your area, and you think I should be speaking at it, either recommend me to them or tell me about the conference and I'll recommend myself. Either way we'll all eventually meet up someday.


PJ Hoover said...

I'll come see you at TLA. BEA crashes with my daughter's first dance recital. Yes, you guessed it. She wins.

Judy said...

((You have to start your own conference and invite me to speak.))

HEY! I did that...well not really...just got to set up the conference this year, so could invite who I wanted. BURIED EDITOR was there, and gave us a good yes, sign her up! She deserves it.

csambuchino said...

What is this nonsense? The buck stops with me in terms of coordinator WD Conference events and I say YOU'RE IN.

- Chuck