The Notable for Celebrities Really Producing a Children's Book Slushie

The Not. CRP Children's Book Slushie is awarded to books written by celebrities that are good enough to be published regardless of the fact that the author is famous.

FrecklefaceFreckleface Strawberry

By Julianne Moore

Freckleface comes to terms with her nickname, her freckles, and her life. This cute book has a message without being preachy. It's decently written and has adorable illustrations. I did enjoy this book.
Not. CRP Children's Book Honor Slushies
A to YThe Alphabet from A to Y with Bonus Letter Z!

By Steve Martin & Roz Chast
Hank Zipper #13

Who Ordered this Baby? Definitely not Me!

By Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver


PJ Hoover said...

I thought about checking out the Alphabet book. After all, it is Steve Martin.

Isn't Henry Winkler The Fonz?

Jim D said...
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PJ Hoover said...

Jim, I *thought* that's who the co-author was. The cover doesn't draw me in, but maybe the writing is exceptional?

Jim D said...

It is the Fonz!

I should point out that the books are co-writen by the executive director of SCBWI (Lin Oliver).

I haven't read any of the series, so I don't qualify to judge them. They aren't a MG genre I would normally pick up.

Oh.....and pj commented on my original post which I deleted/revised......I think it gave the wrong impression why I didn't read them.

PJ Hoover said...

Yep. They look like perfect books for younger boys (like maybe my son's age???) And in fairness, nothing about Captain Underpants drew me in either. But my son wouldn't put them down.
Target audience.

The Buried Editor said...

2007 was not exactly a bonanza year for celebrity books. Not something I am lamenting. The only other ones I could even think of was the Madonna midgrade version of her english roses series, and those books I do NOT like.

My feelings were that the Hank Zipper books are cute, the alphabet book amusing, and I actually really like Strawberry Freckleface. The book's adorable and the illustrations are great.

These are after all, mildly tongue and cheek. If anyone would like to suggest a celebrity book I may have overlooked, I'll be happy to consider it as part of the "short list."

The Buried Editor said...
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