BEA Commences, Film at 11

I have survived my first day of BEA by the skin of my teeth. Overwhelming does not even begin to cover it. Mercifully, I had only one appointment for today, and it went well. I also met some wonderful people at the Children's Dinner tonight including a film producer who is interested in Fergus the Ferret for a kids feature film. Now he had been drinking (but not drunk), but I am still optimistic.

The show itself is huge, Huge, HUGE!!! Multi-levels, booths upon booths of book goodness. Having that many book passionate people was a little bit like heaven. Having that many people bumping into you and hitting you with backpacks and then accidentally hitting people with totebags full of books, well, that's a little bit of hell. All that sugar and spice and snakes and snails and puppy dog tails are what BEA is made of.


PJ Hoover said...

Sounds great! Have fun. Isn't Stephen King playing in that band there?

Anonymous said...

Where's the video? We want video. Lots and lots of streaming video so we can see the Javits Center and all the book crazed people knocking into everyone.

I want to see the sweat pouring off their brows from the heat and maybe someone trying to get connected to the wifi there and having a problem.

Tension. Suspense. That's what we want. Show us that!

tem2 said...

Wish I could have found you at BEA -- was looking everywhere for someone with a videocamera. Ah well, maybe next year.

The Buried Editor said...

my video camera was small, but subtle, and except for the first day, the freaking place was cold. I know, so wrong.

And unfortunately, drama isn't really on the film. After all, I couldn't really video myself being lost and the like.

Kevin said...