Tip of the Week May 2

I've been reading lots, working lots, and not on my computer lots. Still I thought of a tip for everyone.

Tip of the Week: You can never plan to much.

Well, I suppose you can overstress yourself with planning. But, in general it's always better to plan things out in advance. If you're the type of writer that outlines, then your story's plan starts there. If you prefer the more write-as-you-go method, then you need to start planning as soon as your first draft is done. Regardless of when you start your plan, you'll have to make sure your story has a plot arc, character arc, and if it's fantasy, that your world follows all of it's rules. Even after you've finished your revisions, you have to plan who to send the manuscript. Once your book is purchased, you have to plan the marketing and publicity. And then you start all over with your next book. It never ends.

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PJ Hoover said...

I couldn't agree more with you on this! Planning is such a great tool to accomplishment!
However, just to play devil's advocate, some people have a tendency to plan and plan and plan and never actually do. They feel like they have to plan every last little detail to perfection, or find the perfect method of doing something before they can actually start doing something (my husband comes to mind on this one, and we've had numerous discussions about this very subject).