Tip of the Week May 17

Tip of the Week: Do not make your submission impossible to open.

Yesterday while I worked, I watched some of the others sort slush. Most of the submissions were in envelopes or boxes and you could get into them with a paper opener. Buuuuut, there were a couple with special arrangements. One was wrapped like a present. I was surprised since I thought that the post office only shipped things wrapped in brown paper. Another box had every inch covered with tape. Scissors wouldn't even go into it. We had to go hunt up a box cutter. Now, these are little things that don't affect the quality of the submission. However, it did affect our mood. And you never want to start getting the people handling your manuscript in a bad mood.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought of dynamite?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the United States Post office covered the submission in tape because they felt so badly for destroying Kay's Yaks, and they were trying to make ammends by getting it to you safely.

Brenda Sturgis

The Buried Editor said...

I never thought of that. What an amusing idea. It was covered in an impenetrable wall of official post office tape. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

The official post office tape can only be removed by dynamite or acid. I suggest you put said manuscript in a big metal can, throw in the dynamite, and let it blow. As the pages come cascading out, catch them in order, thus making your reading much easier.

(Of course I'm kidding-- lest anyone think that I would seriously suggest blowing up anything.)

Eric said...

So I should rethink sending my next fantasy manuscript in chainmail?

WendieO said...

One of the mantras I keep telling new writers is -- Don't anoy the editor.

I was speaking of basic manuscript formatting. It never occurred to me to also talk about the packaging. (making note to add this to my talk.)