They're here! THEY'RE HERE!!!!

Is that not the prettiest site or what? That's the first of 25 boxes of Book of Nonsense ARCs. And the books look lovely. I'm so happy I could cry tears of joy. I'm sending the author and his agent copies on Monday. I hope they're as excited as me.

Do you want a copy? If you'd like to sign-up to potentially review CBAY books, use the form on the Sneaky Peeks page. I know that it addresses kids and teens, but I'm happy to let adults review too. Otherwise, I'll have some contests starting soon, with copies up for grab then.

Now, I have to spend some quality time with my ARCs. I was thinking of taking them to the movies, and then reading them a story before bed. Maybe Little Bunny Kung Fu or There's a Yak in My Bed . . .


PJ Hoover said...

How excited! I bet David was happy to see this picture!

They look pretty :)

PJ Hoover said...

And they do just look so pretty in person! So smooth and nice. Words aren't enough.