I feel blech. I have about a thousand and one things on my to-do list and no energy or motivation to do any of them. Partly it's because I'm overwhelmed, and mostly it's because I'm underwhelmed with what these tasks are. There are only so many times you want to layout books in one day or read short stories or write up marketing plans, etc.

So, I shall open this up to discussion. What do you do to procrastinate from writing? Do you suddenly feel a need to rearrange your closet, unsnare the mess of cords behind your desk, dig up the front yard, or just little things like redecorate your entire home - from scratch - with hand embroidered linens - with completely original designs inspired by European cathedral windows. (I just read Dragon Slippers where, yes, the heroine embroiders designs inspired by stain glass windows.) And when you finally accept that you are procrastinating, what do you do to remotivate yourself? Share your idiosyncricies in the comments.

And of course, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't share mine. I procrastinate here on this blog, but mostly by reading published books. If I was reading unpublished books, it might be argued that I'm working. So, published (or advanced readers) it is. And I tend to find that looking at my expenditures tends to remotivate me. There's nothing like 1100 brand-new ARCs to motivate you to get that marketing plan drawn up. (or in this case revised).


Anonymous said...

When I find myself lost in my world of procrastination, I clean my house. Somehow that clears my mind and I'm able to get away from everything that's holding me back. Then I can go back to the task at hand. It only takes about an hour of cleaning.

Judy said...

I play computer games, critique other people's stories, answer email, create email, read and anything else I can think of. Have been doing a good job of it for several months, but now have started again

PJ Hoover said...

Hmmm... to procrastinate?
Read blogs. Post comments. File emails. Find some sort of spreadsheet work to do. Make To Do lists.

krw3b said...



Never cleaning. *sigh* Feeling Blech right along with ya.

Mindy said...

Read blogs and write e-mails, and when that doesn't work, I go plan a fabulous travel vacation that I could take "someday." Usually, the looking at travel websites takes me into some sort of creative space...even if it's not writing..I justify and say it could be used in a story "someday."