BEA today

Today I left for BEA. Husband and I went to the airport at 7AM. We checked in, made it through security, and boarded our plane. We sat on the plane at the gate for over an hour. The flight was cancelled (bad weather in Dallas). We spent over an hour and a half standing in line to rebook. We're now on an evening flight. So, I'm now back home waiting to start the adventure all over again.

I do not consider this a promising start to my BEA experience.

But I have film footage of some of it.


Anonymous said...

is it the wrong time to say have a GREAT TRIP?





Anonymous said...

Major ughs to you. When I was in Syracuse, Dallas Airport and Chicago were holding flights because of thunderstorms. It wasn't pretty.

But have a good time anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hey, film footage is GOOD. I take it that you're making a Bookumentary?

The Buried Editor said...

My footage is slight at the moment. I was mostly busy being paranoid that the canceled and delayed flights meant that if we got on a plane it would mean that We Were All Going to Die.

I may have overreacted.

I will be doing a bookumentary of BEA. My spiffy film software probably won't load on Vista, so more than likely I'll have to wait and make my amazing BEA video back at home.

I was a little tenative today, but I've picked out a lot of great shots for tomorrow.