I know you're still dying to see more of TLA.

But, I'm shirking my blogging duties to go to a small social gathering. I plan to partake of their beverages (even if all they have is beer) and celebrate surviving TLA by getting rip-roaring drunk. Since I've had almost nothing to eat today and I'm dead tired, I'm thinking this won't be much of an acomplishment. I have not shared this plan with Husband. I think I'll make it a surprise. Perhaps I'll drunk-blog later this evening.


krw3b said...

Friends don't let friends blog drunk.

Oh, hell, yes they do.

Let 'er rip!

The Buried Editor said...

Alas, I'm sober now. I had a whooping 2 glasses of wine that by the time I got home I was having trouble walking and literally passed out. I find this unbelivably sad. Basically anyone holds liquor better than me. I'm a bit surprised becasue despite my infrequent consumption of alcohol, it still normally takes more than that to slosh me. I suppose I should have eaten something yesterday. On the up side my memory (and Husband) confirm that I did nothing and said nothing of a mortifyingly embarrassing nature. I am relieved.

Kevin said...

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