Holiday Humbug

Holidays seem to play havoc with my ability to post. You would think I'd have more time, but I don't have any less work, and then I have to add family obligations on top. I'm at my in-laws watching my 15 month-old nephew destroy the house. My 5 year-old nephew relunctantly went to church with his Nana. I'm enjoying adult conversation with my sister-in-law, and I'm attempting to get this post up. I have much to say, and I'm worried that this week I won't have time to say it all. You see we go to TLA this week. For those not up on industry conferences, TLA is the Texas Library Association. It's the only conference that Blooming Tree exhibits at. I'll also go to BEA and Frankfurt this year, but not as an exhibitor - more a lurker.

But I plan to try to post and even take some video from our booth. Also, if anyone is going to be attending, come by and say hi. We like to have folks to talk to. We'll be at booth 1940. And if you come by you'll get a free reader of Bad Girls Club, our debut YA novel. And that right there, should be incentive enough to visit.


SmileSleep said...

^_^ Laughter linked to health, happiness ^_^

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Judy said...

I wish I could come too, Madeline. Next year maybe.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to video and post AND to using all your newlyfound 15 month old toddler babysitting skills.


The Buried Editor said...

I have so many varied talents.