The Winners are Announced

This evening I did the drawing for the people who will win the first three There's a Yak in My Bed books.

The winners are Brenda Sturgis, Wendy from the Help... I Can't Shut Up blog, and jademetaphor. I'll be contacting each of you to get an address to send the book.


The Buried Editor said...

Oh my. I just watched it again, and I think I might want to stick to regular blogging. It might be "so 2006", but I'll live. Of course, then I couldn't do "Buried Editor on the Road"...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YAK, I read it to my daughter all the time. She gut belly laughs.

I read it to my crit friends on the phone, they say, Oh I love it, I wish I had written it.

Don't we all.

Yay for Kay!

Thanks for Yak
Brenda Sturgis