To Blog or Not to Blog. There's really no question.

I always encourage my authors to blog. I've started encouraging my authors' characters to blog although to give her credit, Septina has been blogging even longer than me. Blogs are a great way to talk with the kiddie lit community at large, to talk to fans, and to generally have a springboard for discussing the stuff that doesn't make it into the books.

And it turns out that I'm not alone in my thinking. PW did an article on it last week, but I can't find the link now. Search their site. And if you're wanting to learn how to blog, Mother Reader does a great and entertaining job discussing how to Be a B-List Blogger. I'm to scared to try the scorer myself. I'm afraid I'd end up a Z-lister. My blog's self esteem bucket wouldn't be able to take it.

And my internet at home is still down, so I haven't been able to check email for three day. I was so anxious about not having seen it, that I actually got up this morning and threw up. If that isn't internet withdrawl, I don't know what is. And yes, I realized just how sad it sounds.


Kelly said...

God, I hate when I don't have internet. I feel your pain.

Time for a new internet provider? I'm thinking of getting wireless just implanted somehow. Then when I move about, my computer will always be connected.

Septina Nash said...

Who you callin' a character? You're a character!

krw3b said...


Threw up? In the morning?

Is there something you're not telling us???

The Buried Editor said...

I have suffered from the equivalent of morning sickness for 10 years now. I've either had the world's longest pregnancy or stress related stomach complications. The doctors think it's stress. Either way, I have varying degrees (from feeling blech, to not being able to get up, to actual vomiting) every stinking morning. About 5 years ago it got old. Should I ever get pregnant, I expect to know by my sudden lack of nausea.

The Buried Editor said...

Oh, and it turns out it wasn't the provider but our 3 month old router. Husband used this as an excuse to buy the bigger router he'd originally wanted to get. We now probably provide an internet signal to the whole block. To bad it's private.

krw3b said...

Good gawd, that's awful! (the nausea, not the router)

I can't believe it took five years for that to get old.

Dang, though. I was hoping...

Wait, what am I saying? You have plenty of time. And you have a LIFE.

(I have three kids. Young ones. That poop a lot. I mean, a lot.)