Mac vs. PC

I am suffering from catastrophic laptop failure. Not only is this slowing me down when I try to work because I have to keep switching to my desktop, it also means that I have to sit at a desk instead of on a couch. I know. Poor me. But the laptop dying is a bit of a problem. And it's more than just the problem with the screen and top. I can't close it anymore since I knocked it off my desk the day before yesterday. That turned it into the world's smallest desktop, but didn't affect functionality. No, it's had a longstanding problem with files mysteriously disappearing, and this has picked up this last week. I'm having to back up daily and stuff is still coming off the laptop (but not off the backup). I would think it was a virus except that it's a Mac. Really, my computer has never been the same since the great hard drive wipe of June 2006.

But now I need to replace it. Should I get another Mac or go PC? My desktop is PC, and I've become enamored with an HP tablet, but I could go out and buy a Mac from the store tomorrow. It's a tough call. I've been putting off deciding, but I have to choose tomorrow. Another week of not being able to take a computer to work will not be good or fun. This is not about books or writing, but, hey, it needed to be said.


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I'm about to buy one myself at the end of the week. That's my self-imposed deadline. Except I can't decide if I want a Dell or a Gateway.


Anonymous said...

I used a PC for years and now have an iMac and am far happier with it. I do not miss viruses, I like the fact that entourage works well with the people I know who have PCs and I think the applications that editors need have been made easier to use in PC format--and I am a person who uses Word for Mac and Excel etc. Things are just easier to set up and use. I am not really sure that one computer iss better than another any more than I am sure a BMW is better than a Ford, but I do think one is slicker and nicer to use. Frankly, the new screens are brighter and make staring at text for hours on end a little nicer as well, but maybe the new screens for PCs aare just as is my perception that the mac programms give really crissp definition to ddocumentss--my eyes do not hurt as much at the end of the day.

Plus, with Bootcamp, if you really need PC programmes, just switch in. I also recentyl read that something like 50% of the Macs are still being used and the avg Mac lasts 2X as long because the long tail on the neew apps is so accomodating--check this out

This from a guy who used PCs for 20 years--the laast Apple I owned was a IIc when I was a kid in 1987. The new Macs are just great and ever so much faster with the Intel chips. At least try the new maachines before trudging over to Dell.

Tricia JH said...

Miss Snark can't be wrong, can she?

Anonymous said...

Saw the Snark too. Eh? Who knows?


ikmar said...

If you ever peruse Verla Kay's forums there are a lot of happy Mac users there too.

You can always run Parallels, or competing software, to simulate a Windows desktop.

And both run the free OpenOffice software.