Final Contests for Yak

Today we enter our final week of Yaktastic fun. I have two final drawings left to do.
  1. Librarians/Booksellers
    This one is for librarians and booksellers only. All you need to do is use the email link to email me your name and whether or not you are a librarian or bookseller. The four names drawn from the hat will receive a free copy of There's a Yak in My Bed along with a free event kit.
    (If you don't win the drawing, but still want a free event kit, just let me know.)

  2. Children 8 and Under
    This is a drawing contest for kids 8 and under. Go download the activity sheet here. Have your kid draw what they think is hiding under the covers. Then, scan and email me back the sheet. I'll then enter your kid's name in the drawing and post a gallery of artwork. Be sure to fill out and sign the release on the bottom. I will crop the picture so that that won't appear on the web.

Good luck to everyone. I expect to see lots of entries in both contests!

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cdb said...


I don't see any comments here, so thought I would write one.

I USED to be a media assistant with Indianapolis Public Schools. I only had a one-day-a-week specialist, so, basically I ran the entire program. Anyway, If I win this book, I would be happy to see that it finds its way to the Media Services Department via
Kathy Ramey who is in charge of choosing books for the system. She is a friend of mine.
Of course, I would love to keep it, too, since I have met Kay at Verla's and want to give one to my grandchildren. Heheha.

Carole Brooks