Covering Potter

I'm sure every kid lit blog on the planet has already posted this, but Scholastic released the cover art for Harry 7. Publisher's Weekly has the article, as well as the art here. Apparently PW is excited because this is the first wrap around cover. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but don't all the American HPs have art that wraps the whole cover? Maybe they mean this is the first one where the action and central characters are on the whole cover. But then again, I seem to recall Ron and Hermione on the back of HP1. But what do I know.


Lynn said...

I'm a bit behind with blog reading today and you are alphabetically before many other kid lit blogs, so this is the first I have seen of the cover art for the new Harry Potter book.

All the other books do have wrap around covers, but I don't think the cover art itself goes the whole way around the books (if that makes any sense). Now I'm curious and will have to check mine when I get home this evening.

Linda Joy Singleton said...

Thanks for sharing the Harry links with cover. I'm counting down till the 7th HP comes out.


--m said...

Books 1-3 have artwork that looks to me like a single scene. 4-6 are decidedly different scenes separated by some sort of mysterious wizardy fog that falls along the spine. PW might need to hire a couple of 10-year-olds to help out as Harry Potter fact checkers. --m

The Buried Editor said...

Ha! I knew I wasn't insane.

Jadedmetaphor said...

I saw an interview with Arthur Levine where he said the cover is actually larger than normal (longer?) so the pictures creep further into the *inside* of the book jacket, if that makes sense... It's all one lonnnnng panorama.

P.S. Thanks for the Yak! Very fun! I'll post a review, today :-)