Back at the Blog, Sweet Blog

I tried to start this back up a few weeks ago, and for the life of me, I couldn't think of a single interesting thing to write. I don't know why not. I have 2 new interns (one of which I found through this blog, as inactive as it has been). All the slush is finally being gotten through. And I have a preliminary cover for the very first book that will come out from CBAY. You want to see it? Huh? Huh? Of course you do. Click on it to see the full size pdf.

This is by no means the final cover. For one thing, it's just a cover for the ARC. For another, I'm still not sure what I think of it. And like they say, all dates, sizes, etc. are tenative.

Feel free to leave comments on it. I would love to hear feedback — good or bad. We'll do real honest to goodness market research in a few months, but until then have a look-see and tell me what you think.


Lynn said...

Welcome back! Try not to work those interns into the ground yet. I know, In know, it's tempting ...

I like the cover, especially the glob of red sealing wax on the front (what will replace the not for sale message?) and the ragged edges. Will you use actual torn covers - or will it be rendered artistically?

Not so fond of the blurb saying Daphna and Dexter "can't stand" each other; a bit strong for sibling rivalry. Though, that said I often could not stand my sisters! ;-)

The Buried Editor said...

They don't suffer from sibling rivalry but from severe personality conflicts and a complete lack of empathy for the other. They do reconcile into an uneasy truce in this book, but they don't really make headway in their relationship and relating until the last chapter. "Can't stand" is actually the toned down version of "hate their guts."

As for the actual cover, the edges will be rendered artistically not physically torn since there is nothing more difficult than shelving die-cut books. The edges get caught and ripped and then the things torn in a whole different unsalable way. And the wax is one of my favorite things since it adds some color. On the real cover, everything will reposition and "Words of Power Volume (or Book) 1" will be put at the top.

My fear is that the book is going to brown. I'm still trying to figure out how to get some color on there. Maybe change the silouhette? I definitely have to do something about the tear the boy is escaping out of. It doesn't look right yet. It would be nice if it could look like he was escaping from a fire, like maybe the book was burning from the inside. Hmmm.

The Buried Editor said...

You can tell I didn't read that comment before posting. The spelling and wrong word usage is wretched.

Lynn said...

In many libraries covers are pulled from books to save on processing costs, so having it artistically done will wear better and look better on the shelves.

Brown is not bad if done in a rich brown. Will you be limited to what colors would have been available historically when the book (in the book) was first written?

What about gold leaf ... might have been an expensive tome.

Tricia JH said...

I think the brown burning looks great. And I agree the wax thing looks cool. I think the silouette figure could be improved as it kind of stands out on the ancient/old looking cover.

And great to have you back blogging. You need some ideas of interesting stuff to write? Hmmmm... let me think.