The Wedding that Ate My Life

Everyone told me it would happen, but I swore it wouldn't, but it has, so now I'm sad to say, my wedding has overrun my life. Every moment of the day seems to be devoted to some wedding detail. From bridal portraits to wedding favors, I seem to be sucked into a bottomless pit of wedding.

"And this affects me how?" you're wondering. Well, until further notice I"m having to suspend my reading of all slush from all houses. I've already taken all mine back to Blooming Tree where it's being distributed amongst everyone else (adult editors included for the YAs), and my CBAY submissions are accumulating into a nice pile, a nice tall pile, all unpoened. With this backlog accumuating it will be months before I can get through everything. If this will be a problem, feel free to withdraw your manuscript from consideration. I promise not to be offended. I feel my response time has gotten abysmally long since I've overextended myself. I understand.

Also, to be fair to those I've already recieved, there is a brief moratorium on CBAY submissions. I will not be accepting any general manuscripts, only ones for the Ghost Anthology and only ones labeled as such. Everything else will be returned unopened. As soon as I've caught up on the backlog, I'll open CBAY back up.

Thanks for the understanding.

19 days until the wedding.


slwhitman said...

It was just this last week that I found your scribbled contact info on the back of someone else's card from ICFA and realized that it was Blooming Tree you'd said you'd worked for, and it finally dawned on me why "Summer Shorts" sounded so familiar when I saw it featured on this blog (I stop by here from time to time, but not often). And then come to find out, duh! I know you!

Hello from Stacy Whitman. We met back at the 2005 ICFA when I was still in grad school (the only Simmons girl there). I don't know if you remember that I got a call for an interview while I was down in Fl.? I got that job! So I'm up in Seattle, editing children's fantasy.

Congrats on the wedding! Hope you're doing well.

The Buried Editor said...

It is such a small world. Acutally, I saw your name and thought, wasn't that the girl from the other school? and then in the next line it turned out you were.

Small, small world.