Stats and rankings and bears, oh my!

Now, I have before commented on my obsession with watching my blog stats. Very nice people like Gregory K always remind me that I'm insane and need to get a grip, but I still find myself tracking my stats compulsively. And with pretty graphs like this:

who can blame me? Look at all the colors!

But I've now been made aware of yet another stat I need to be tracking: Amazon.com rankings. I have to thank Fuse #8 for her post here about Lyn Gardner's post. It has opened my eyes to new numbers to obsess over. So, I decided to check the rankings on some of the books I edited. Here they are. Drum roll please.

Summer Shorts 609,727 (Sweet.)
Kichi in Jungle Jeopardy 2,077,429 (Oooh, I'm kicking Kichi's little dog rear.)
One Eyed Jack none (?? what's with that?) Paula's done a good job of taking advantage of Amazon's promotional tools for authors.
Lyranel's Song none (another? what is the deal?)

Since Amazon ranking means, well, nothing to me I can't really say if these are good or not. Obviously being number 1 would be better, but has Summer Shorts really sold 4x more than Kichi? Who knows. I like the suggesstions that the ranking is determined by a random number generator.


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"e" said...

There's been so much talk about stats lately, I posted about it too and added a link to your post.

Lynn said...

I would NEVER make fun of another stats obsessive person. The old saying "it takes one to know one" comes to mind." Ever since I put statcounters on my blog, a collaborative blog, and two work blogs, I'm guilty of checking to see if one is outperforming the others (it is).

Interestingly enough, one of the posts viewed most often on my blog is the one where I admitted to my stat counter addiction! The things you learn.

Yes, yes, it's a sickness.

Could be worse. ;-)

Gregory K. said...

I don't know WHAT you're talking about. I never look. Noooooooo. Never. Really. Honest. OK, maybe a few times a __________ (feel free to fill in the appropriate period of time).

Purty graph!

SilberBook-Blog said...

Stats happy? Moi? No way! Well, maybe a little. I check Amazon for Pond Scum's rise and fall every, well, whatever Greg K's _______ is!

I've even installed a sitemeter on my visits to the fridge - and that's a heckuva pretty graph!

Thanks to techno-stats, if they build it - we will check.


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