Ways to Avoid Your Job

Thanks to Lynn at Hypothetically Speaking I have now discovered another fantastic Way to Avoid My Job. I am now in the process of logging my entire personal children's library into the Library Thing database. It's a neat site where you can put your books in, see who else has your stuff, etc. It even let me put these little widget things on the sidebar of my site. If you scroll down far enough you, can see some books I reccomend or need to read or have grabbed in ARC form. I have rationalized this putting off of writing rejection letters with the theory that I wanted to catalog all of my books before I moved. And this is definitely faster than entering the stuff in Excel. I've kept my library public, so if you click on one of the links over the book pictures, you can see what I've entered in so far. I think I'm going to exceed the 200 limit, and I'll have to get a paid account.


Lynn said...

It's FUN!

I notice it didn't take you long to get the books up on your blog. Oddly addictive, isn't it? I have spent a considerable amount of time the last three days (work and home, don't tell) playing with this web site. I started gleefully entering titles and soon realized 200 is not many books. I even took my laptop home from work last evening so I could enter books while watching Project Runway last night.

Don't forget the search widget for your library collection.

The Buried Editor said...

I have so much on my template I need to update, but this was so easy, I couldn't resist adding. And addictive doesn't begin to cover it. I basically did this all day.

Thanks for the search widget link. Very cool.