Tip of the Week August 31

Editors (and publishers and agents) are people to.

Yes, this cannot be stressed enough. Despite our debonair and exciting lives, we are merely mortals like everyone else. We have lives away from books and writing. Well, at least I hear some of us do. And we have feelings, too. If you stab us repeatedly with a ball-point pen, doth we not bleed?

I mention this because I saw a wonderful article on Publisher's Weekly today about the worst places people have been pitched story ideas. Click here to see it. Hillarious and so very bad and sometimes creepy. My stories are so much lamer although I did have someone pitch me something while I working in the book store the other day.

I also mention it because despite our thick skins (editors can make authors look like they're clad in the tiny layer of skin a garden snake sheds), we still can get brought down by the things people say. For instance the question: Why haven't you worked on any of the things that win awards? Don't you pick good manuscripts? is wrong on so many levels. And it won't predispose me towards your work.


Lynn said...

Thanks for the link; it was an eyeopening article with several "what were they thinking" episodes from folks who simply were not thinking beyond themselves. I was aghast at the funeral snippet and gleefully admit the editor in question is simply a better person than I, believe me.

Jen Robinson said...

Hi Buried Editor,

Love your site! I linked to you here, in honor of BlogDay 2006.

crissachappell said...

That link made me laugh. Thanks!