Never a Dull Moment

Well, it's somewhat official. I move in two weeks. This may make my posing somewhat erratic. I know if will affect my reading of The Slush. I have a house to pack and stuff to drop off at Goodwill and all. I'm also starting a second part-time job. In my quest to understand every facet of the book selling industry (and to lean the name of a lot of buyers), I start my new job at Barnes & Noble on Wedensday. I'm excited to get to interact with readers on a regular basis, and that 30% discount won't be half bad. So, it will be an exciting, action packed next few weeks.

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Lynn said...

Congrats on the new part time job. Be sure not to spend all of your paycheck with that 30% discount. Working in a bookstore has to be akin to working in a candy shop.

I managed a retail houseware specialty store for several years and we had a 40% discount for quite some time. Let's not talk about how much kitchen ware I had to pack up for my recent move!