Weekend Dialogue: What are your hidden gems?

I'm in the process of packing up all my books so I can move. Since I aspire some day have a home with every wall covered in shelves holding books, I have acquired quite a collection. My fiance does not share this vision. It can be a bit of an impasse.

As I was packing the books, I came across some of my gradfather's old college textbooks from the 30s. They were fascinating. I didn't even realize I had them. One of them had an interesting essay on the modern life of a college freshman. I couldn't help but laugh as I read it. My freshman year (or first year as we were called) couldn't have been more dissimiliar.

The old books got me thinking. Do I have any writing gems like these hidden in my files? I have only been writing for 6 years, but already I have notebooks and notebooks of stories, story ideas and research squirreled away. I wonder what kind of good ideas (and not so good ideas) are hidden away in those files. I don't have time to search now, but I hope to go through them as soon as I move.

What about you? Do you have hidden gems? If so, what are they? Perhaps it's something as simple as a picture that always inspires a different story. If you're comfortable enough, share your gems with everyone by using the comments link below.

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T3h Phoenix said...

I have come up with a few good things; not many I actually put on paper. Most of them I came up with while zoning out in math class. My goofy blog of DOOOOOOOOOM is definetly not a wonder to behold, but it's fun to do it anyway.