The Vacation is Over

My sister has gone, and my pseudo-vacation is over. It is back to the grind, or rather the slush pile in this case. I've been perusing my potential fare, and so far I have nothing bad to report. Oh, there's a ton, and I think it might bury me alive, but none of it is improperly formatted or submitted in a bizarre way. Bravo! I think I may be getting through. At least, that's what I like to think. I'm sure it's just coincidence.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Buried Editor,

In lots of the reading I've done on writing, the author says to avoid adjectives and adverbs like the plague. I understand much of this is from a show don't tell perspective. Yet in much of the reading I do, I still see plenty of adjectives and adverbs. What are your thoughts on this and when is it OK for the author to use these? I guess what I'd like to see from you if possible are some examples when you feel it is OK to use adverbs.