Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth to all of you who don't work from home, so you actually get things like weekends and holidays. Lucky ducks. At least I get to work from my air-conditioned home today. Tomorrow it's back to the unair-conditioned job site.

I haven't gotten a chance to get around to any of my slush today. It piles over my head. Well, that's an exageration, but I got a large amount of slush last week, all of which appears to be picture books. I have reconciled myself to the picture books, but if you want to read me having a mental break down over them, go to my other blog. I kind of snapped. I've decided to use that site for all my negativity, and this site for positive and instructional musings. And what did I learn from all those picture books? That people don't read guidelines. Please, please, read a press or agen'ts submission guidelines before sending a manuscript. If a press (like Blooming Tree) specifically says not to send picture books, don't waste your postage sending picture books to them. By rights, I should just reject all of them out of hand, but I won't. I'll look through them. But I can guarantee my mood won't be real good. It's a dangerous condition.

So have a wonderful holiday. In a bit, I'm off to see the fireworks, and I don't mean the ones I experienced when I discovered how many picture book in my slush. I'm going to the big park and watching the pretty lights in the sky. See, I can take a break too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Buried Editor,

Can you talk a little about how you feel (if at all) that the children's market has changed in the last 20 years or so? Has the bar been raised for authors? I ask because it seems that the recent stuff I read (let's take The Lightning Thief for example) puts a hook in right at the very start - almost the first line of the first page. Older stuff I read (for example The Hero and the Crown) does not have a hook nearly so soon in the book. Have requirements changed? Have kids interests changed? Are there just so many more authors out there now such that this hook is required for agents/editors to get past the first page?

The Buried Editor said...

Excellent question. I'll address it as the QofW for Friday.