I have discovered I am being syndicated. It was a little bit of a shock. I use StatCounter to track my visitors. It’s how I discovered that other people had posted about me on their sites. Yesterday, I clicked on a link expecting just to see another mention. Imagine my surprise when I got to Jacket Flap here and discovered my entire blog had been reproduced. I was flabbergasted. I was floored. I was flattered.

Now most of you whose blogs I follow closely – look at every day or so – are already syndicated on this site, so it’s no big deal to you. But, I’m new to blogging and hadn’t realized people did that. I mean bloglines are one thing, but this was something new and foreign to me. I think it’s cool. The site’s a huge aggregate of children’s literature related blogs. It’s neat to find all of them in one place.

That being said, nobody is allowed to start reading my blog over there instead of my actual page. I can’t track people reading my blog there, so I won’t know if anyone is actually looking. I would be very sad if loyal readership appeared to drop back into the single digits. I really like knowing there are at least 10 of you out there seeing my blog. It gives me hope for my slush pile. I have decided that I shall allow my readers to use the links on this site, but that is the extent of my generosity. Unless of course, you want to read all of my postings twice. Then, you may peruse my musings on that site at your leisure. They keep more posts up at time than blogger does.

Review Requests Update:
For those of you a bit floored by all the stuff you have to email me to get a free review copy of Blooming Tree Press’s books, I have finally got the form to work. You can now look at the catalog here and then fill out a form complete with blanks and radial buttons. It’s much easier.


Anonymous said...

Well, you have 11 subscribers on Bloglines, so that's a start!

Bryce said...

You might consider moving to a different blogging platform, one that allows you to control the rss feed better. Some blogs publish only the first paragraph or so of each post, so that other sites can't rip them off so easily (JacketFlap is a legit-looking site, but there are plenty of unscrupulous plagiarizers out there).

Wordpress is popular. I use b2evolution myself.

Feisty said...

Wow, you're famous!

Tracy Grand said...

It looks like our secret is out! I knew it was only a matter of time until someone found a link to our Children's Publishing Megablog in their statistics. The Megablog is actually still in beta testing. It's effectively going to be like Bloglines, but focused on the children's publishing niche. Anyone who wants can try the site out and leave us feedback: www.jacketflap.com/megablog

The Buried Editor said...

After getting a nice email from Traci, I have determined that you may read my site on Jacket Flap if you like. I'll still be able to see how many people are reading. It will all be very cool. My embargo is over.

Gregory K. said...

This is one of the great "issues" of the blogosphere. Basically, folks can use your work for their site, and there's precious little you can do. The best thing Tracy at Jacket Flap did, as far as I'm concerned, was to link clearly to the blogs it prints, as well as links to add comments on the originating blog itself.

The question you gotta ask yourself is if you care if traffic comes here OR if you simply want to be read. If you were selling ads here, it matters. Otherwise, it's really only about our obsession with our stats. Errr, not that I'd share in that. I've just HEARD about it is all.