Celebrate Good Times!

Ah, the festival season is upon us. The time when all those cute litte authors and publishers bombard the common folk with their books and witty repartee. Publisher's Weekly notified all of us about all of them yesterday, and Miss Snark has kindly republished it in it's entirety here.

On a more serious note, book festivals are an excellent time to network. Published authors need to be trying to get themselves affiliated as actaul speakers. These are great places to sell books. Unpublished authors need to be going to meet the published authors and to pick up publishers' catalogs. These can really help you see the types of books each publisher puts out. And finally, you never know what agent or editor you might happen to meet at one of these things. I got my first editing job through a person I met at the Texas Book Festival (held last weekend in October).

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Can you walk us through a basic day (or week) or what being an editor is like? How much time do you spend reading? Writing? Meetings? Admin stuff? Thanks.