The Other Slush Pile

One of the bonuses of having a slow Blooming Tree Press week is that I get to catch up on my CBAY Books slush. Yes, I have not one but two slush piles. Blessedly, the CBAY pile is nowhere near as large as BTP’s, but it can stack up. Of course one of the benefits of submitting to either press is that you are in effect submitting to both. Actually, the first book I acquired was initially submitted to Blooming Tree. We had to reject the series because it proved to be too controversial for Blooming Tree, but it was perfect fit for CBAY. That book Book of Nonsense: The Words of Power Trilogy Volume I is now tentatively scheduled for 2008.

Of course, I don’t get to pull all the great manuscripts. Blooming Tree sometimes acquires them first. And stuff that’s submitted for CBAY is considered for CBAY first. It’s only after they’ve been rejected for conflict reasons that they are passed on. If they are poorly written or don’t appeal or fit for either list, they’re just rejected outright.

Current thesis word count: 27,000 words
Goal: 40,000

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